The adventures of a loveable donkey and his human

PMT_0020_451 SIR DUKE II Craft, Hannah
SJM_0715_466 SIR DUKE II Craft, Hannah
CS2_3617_576 SIR DUKE II Craft, Hannah
A Bit About Us

I found Sid in 2014, a few months after my mum, Hilary (nickname of Sid, would you believe!) passed away.


Sid was not quite what I was looking for....standing at just over 17hh of giraffe, Sid was a big ol' blank canvas, to put it politely.


He was far too big for 5ft3 me, far too green and far too strong. However, there was something about him.


It was sealed when Sid took Nick, my boyfriend (now husband) for a stroll through the bushes. Nick was forced to hang onto Sid's neck as, with a great snapping of twigs, Sid bounced up the bank and came trotting proudly round the corner towards me, both covered in leaves and branches.


Since then, we have come a long way but still have mountains to climb. This blog will document that climb and, hopefully, be a wonderful collection of memories to look back on in a year or two.


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