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Well, hello there!

Hi. Yes, you. You're probably wondering how you ended up on this as-yet-unknown blog site written by a complete nobody. I'm presuming you have a lot of spare time for surfing t'internet for a video of a cat falling off a chair or a skate-boarder heading down stairs at an impossibly fast speed and face-planting the pavement. Well, I will be totally and utterly honest with you; I can't offer you THAT, but, welcome to my blog nonetheless. I do hope you find a few laughs here, if only at my expense, and maybe the odd nugget of information. To introduce my noble steed...

Sid's dating profile (were he not gelded - sorry, man) would look something like this:

Name: Sir Duke (when I'm feeling pretentious) or Sid (when I'm hanging with my stable mates)

Age: 9 (mental age: 1)

Sex: gelding but with occasional stallion tendencies

Location: a lovely private yard in Kent

Hobbies: pretending I'm working in an outline whilst actually plodding around on the forehand (think the opposite of a duck i.e. paddling 'furiously' above water but floating along underneath), eating, walking into my human and treading on her toes by 'mistake', eating, spending lots of my human's money, eating, faking injuries that miraculously disappear when the horse doctor arrives and eating

Likes: eating (see above), grass, carrots, food, my stable window from whence I survey the cow field and keep an eye on those untrustworthy animals

Dislikes: work, not eating, when the yard cat comes into my stable but runs away from me when I try to befriend them, cows and DITCHES

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