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Premier Equine bridle - "tried and tested" follow up review

So here it is, the verdict post-honeymoon period!

As a reminder, the bridle I bought was the PE Sport Favoloso Anatomic Bridle.

At £89.99, it is probably one of the less expensive bridles I have bought.

This is reflected in the leather quality, although I am pleased to say after some old-fashioned oiling it is feeling pretty good - and no worse than some of the more expensive bridles that I can think of!

It hasn't stretched or worn after rigorous use (flatwork, jumping, cross country schooling).

I like the anatomic design and, in particular, the headpiece. Actually, although this could be due in part to Sid's new Protechmasta poll guard as well, Sid has been noticeably more comfortable in his poll.

He used to be very quick to throw his head up when I touched his head or ears and now he is much happier and more relaxed with an ear scratch! I think his donkey ears must have more breathing space.

The curved browband is really flattering and sits nicely and it does frame his face - it looks more like a high end bridle than a basics option (nothing wrong with those of course!)

The noseband is a crank fastening and the contoured shape does fit snugly, allowing the flash to remain secure without the horrid over-tightening of the noseband that sometimes occurs.

Overall, it is a smart, affordable bridle that I must admit I am pleasantly surprised with.

I didn't notice any miraculous difference in Sid's way of going, but I have yet to find a bridle that does make such a difference and I'm not sure I believe that one would.

My recommendation? If you are looking for a good-value bridle, you could do a lot worse...

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