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GRAND UNBOXING: check out the first ever Forelock and Fringe box of goodies!!!

Imagine waking up on a dreary Monday morning to the dulcet tones of a rapper aggressively spitting out a mix of curse words and derogatory references to women…….

Yup, first husband mistakenly equates growing up in Swindon to being born "in the hood".

So far so depressing.

Then imagine a commute to work involving complete lack of personal space and/or hygiene.


My Monday was shaping up to be the equivalent of a Weight Watchers ready meal – of no use to anyone and tasting strongly of disappointment.

And then, I arrive home to a small package on the doorstep.

I quickly rack my brain. What have I ordered now?!?

On a side note: it's possible that first husband is right when he says I have an addiction….I do console myself, however, with the comforting thought that second husband will - of necessity - have endless sums of money with which to fund my addiction, turning it into a hobby, which is a thing that sounds far more productive.

As I open the package, I sigh with relief.

H.A.S. (Horse Shopping Anonymous) will not have a new member today, because what had arrived was in fact the first EVER Forelock and Fringe subscription box!!!!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about the company.

Forelock and Fringe is a luxury equestrian and lifestyle monthly subscription box. Forelock and Fringe boxes not only contain products for the horse, but also non-equine products for the rider too (yay).

Forelock and Fringe is also a company I am very proud to be involved with – Sid and I were one of the lucky few to be chosen to represent the company as brand ambassadors!!!

So let me give you the DL (yes, we can be cool too!) on the products I found when I looked inside the box….

The Marshmallowist - Raspberry + Champagne Marshmallows

Sweet tooth, me?! Well, if I didn't have one I do now! And it takes a stronger woman than I am to say no to something with 'Champagne' in the description.

If the Gods of food were to create a marshmallow, it would be this.

A fun fact about marshmallows: they are calorie free!*

(*well, no, they are not, but I feel like they should be, they're practically air...)

Renapur - Leather Balsam

Confession: I have tack OCD. However, I am also the laziest human on this planet.

Enter my favourite new tack cleaning product that requires significantly less elbow grease than an unnamed competitor.

It has a pretty addictive smell too, although I am someone who enjoys filling up at the petrol station, so take that with a pinch of salt.

Also love my Equi-xtreme sponge so that my hands don't get too balsam-ic (lols) in the cleaning process.

Totally Smart - Equi-Groomer

This is the cutest little groomer I have seen to date, and super handy for those awkward areas like the legs/face….your horse's, not your own!

Goodbye awkward month-long spring shedding.

Silverfeet - Barrier Protection and Hoof Balm (and a handy pen)

Sid's feet are that awful white/black mismatch that results in:

(a) plenty of lost shoes in the winter; and

(b) cracks throughout summer.

Never buy a coloured horse!

Only time will tell but so far his hooves seem much less brittle. I love my farrier but I want to see him every 6 weeks absolute maximum.

La Gioiosa – Prosecco

I don't even feel like I need to say anything about this. IT'S PROSECCO PEOPLE.

Nathalie Bond Organics - Skin Balm – Extra Sensitive

I am the kind of person that would love to be more into organic skincare and probably a vegan, however life and my love of cheeseburgers usually gets in the way (and where does one discover these cool, British luxury beauty brands when one is sadly mainstream and uninitiated)?!

When I saw this in my Forelock and Fringe box, I knew that I would love it.

It smells ahh-mazing and is probably one of the only products I can put on my face without wanting to scratch it off after 30 seconds (thanks hyperallergic-to-life genes from my grandmother).

I love it as a primer under my makeup but it's equally as good as a moisturiser for those days when you just CBA, which let's be honest, is most days once you've graduated past twenty five years of age.

Apt Cavalier and Miasuki – Vouchers

An excuse to spend money?! Why thank you kindly.

All in all, I have to say I absolutely adore the Forelock and Fringe May box and cannot wait for the June box to come out!

On that note, keep your eyes peeled for a competition I may or may not be running early next month……. #sidgetsgenerous

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