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Sid Goes To The Gym!

Well, today I signed up for BOOT CAMP, which is a (hopefully) gentle exercise class bright and early on a Sunday morning.

Feeling rather smug about my proactivity and general healthiness (without having actually done any hard work yet, might I add) led me to think what else I could do to get Sid and I back on form.

The outcome of my deliberations: Sid is going on a fitness plan.

I took to the world of Google for inspiration, and after some soul-searching and a bit of "copy and paste" mastery, I have come up with the following:

Week One

1 x fast work (6 x canter/gallop, with at least 1 on each rein involving changes within the pace)

1 x jumping, to include gridwork and bounces

1 x intense schooling session (yes, you heard me, INTENSE)

2 x hacks, followed by 1 x 4 minute continuous canter on each rein in the school

1 x no stirrup work

And I can tell you that, at the end of Week One, I have a sore shoulder from falling off onto a pole during the jumping portion of the above and sore calf muscles from being in a two-point position for longer than ever before. FAB!

Week Two shall contain more of the same, but hopefully with less falling off and slightly longer interval training on the fast work. I also intend to add another 2 minute canter on each rein to the end of the hacks.

We are moving yards this weekend, and will hopefully be able to use the new yard's canter track which is very helpfully on a hill (sorry Sid), so watch this space!

How do you all keep your eventers (and yourselves) fit?

Love to all! x

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